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W/c 16th January 2023

We have had another busy week in Puffin’s class this week.  It has involved ‘How to be the perfect pupil’, flexible partitioning and creating a paper computer.  Read onto find out more…


Our Maths this week has involved beginning to look at division using both partitioning and flexible partitioning.  The children used their times table knowledge to help them understand what was the closest multiple to the number they were dividing.  Today we begun to think about dividing a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number with a remainder.  Can you share with your grown up whether the following picture is True or False?

In English we began innovating our model text ‘How to be a Teacher’.  The children decided that they were going to explain ‘How to be a Pupil’.  They created their own subheadings with ideas like: How to sit nicely in school, How to annoy your teacher and How to stick in work carefully. On Wednesday the children expanded on their plans by writing an introduction or a paragraph of ‘How to be a Pupil’.  They finished off the week by creating their own amazing invention to write an explanation text on next week. 


In Computing we thought about all of the different components that are inside a laptop and what they do.  The children then created their own paper laptop with all of the different important internal parts. 


We have carried on learning how to read music and play the Glockenspiel in our Music lessons.  The children have now learnt both D and E.  Super work. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Stay safe


Mrs Karamucki