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W/c 17.04.23

Well, what a busy and quick first it has been in the brand new Summer term.  It has been filled with Adventure Stories, Mass and Capacity and Forces.  Read on to find out more…


We began our new English topic this week, Adventure Stories. This week we looked at our model text about the explorer Ottoline from the bogs of Norway.  We created symbol maps of our text and acted it out using a variety of actions. We also looked at the variety of punctuation that you can use to finish a sentence and how you can create suspense using short sentences and ellipsis.  The children created some brilliant sentences which will be very useful when they come to write their own adventure stories.

Within our Maths lessons we have begun our new unit of Mass and Capacity.  We have looked at using number lines to help us work out what scales go up in and thought about how we measure mass using g and kg.  We have looked at equivalent masses and also comparing masses too.  The children have really impressed me this week with how well they have understood these new concepts and how hard they have worked.  Well done Puffins. 


We have now entered the Summer term which means we are going to be focusing on Science.  We have started this new term by learning about Forces and Magnets.  This week we looked at the Force of Push and Pull and how they act on objects.  We also planned and carried out an investigation involving friction.  The children looked at four different surfaces (carpet, cardboard, rubber and wood) and decided which surface would create the most friction. The children thought carefully about their predictions and what made the surfaces create more friction. 


As usual the spellings are on spelling shed and in the children’s homework diaries. 


I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday.


Have a lovely weekend,


Stay safe  

Mrs Karamucki