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W/c 17/05/2021

We have had another successful week in Puffins class! It has involved setting descriptions, designing headphones, sporting fun and much, much more!


English –

In English, we have continued our ‘Adventure Stories’ writing unit. At the beginning of the week, we identified the structure of our model text, using evidence from the text to summarise each paragraph. Children then focused on writing a detailed setting description and used this to help them plan their very own adventure story. Children completed their Hot Writes at the end of the week and their creative writing skills have impressed us all!


Maths –

Both year groups have continued to learn more about decimals this week. In Year 4, this has involved making a whole, writing decimals, comparing decimals and ordering decimals. In Year 5, children have been rounding, ordering and comparing decimals, as well as understanding percentages towards the end of the week.


Science –

During Science this week, children conducted their own investigation relating to sound. Children were tasked with designing a pair of soundproof headphones for Sam Sleepy, whose partner is a very loud snorer! Children designed their headphones carefully, considering which materials would be appropriate based on their properties. Later in the week, children planned and conducted their own experiment to explore which materials are the most and least effective at blocking out sound.


Sports –

Last week, we took part in another sporting competition, and this time it was Basketball! Children were given one minute to complete 3 challenges: Dribbling, Shooting and Passing. Children showed great enthusiasm for each challenge and should be really proud of their fantastic efforts! This week, we were also fortunate enough to take part in Nerf Wars and Zorbing as part of the sports enrichment day. It is safe to say that the children loved this experience and had a spectacular time!


Our spellings this week are:

Year 4: ‘sol’ and ‘real’ word family – solar, solution, soluble, insoluble, dissolve, real, reality, realistic, unreal, realisation.

Year 5: Homophones – guessed, guest, heard, herd, morning, mourning, past, passed, bridal, bridle. 


It was a pleasure to speak to so many of you via Teams this week! We look forward to speaking to more of you next week!


Have a lovely weekend,


Stay safe


The Puffins Team