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W.C 17.05.21

What a busy and super week we have all had in the Owls Class!


In maths, we have continued with our fraction work. We have been exploring unit fractions (where the numerator is one) and non-unit fractions (where the numerator is greater than one).  Show someone at home what you can do!


We have also been finding three quarters of a number! Show someone at home how you can work out three quarters of a number! 


In English, we planned and wrote our own poems all about the life-cycle of a butterfly! The children did a fantastic job! I am really proud of their work. Can you remember part of your poem to tell someone at home? I will give you the first line of each verse to see if you can remember...


Small, tiny, white and round,

____________________ .


Now the caterpillar begins to show,

__________________________ .


Now it is has eaten it must sleep,

__________________________ .


In the cocoon it will stretch and spread,

______________________________ .


Now the butterfly soars up so high, 

___________________________ .


In topic, we have planted some cress seeds and have made predictions about which seeds will grow best in which condition. Our four conditions are: 

In the light with water.

In the dark with water.

In the light with no water.

In the dark with no water.

Can you remember which condition you predicted the seeds would grow best in?


We have also been on a mini-beast hunt this week! Can you remember what we found? Take a look at some of our pictures! 


On Thursday, we had a fantastic Sports Enrichment Day! Take a look at our pictures below!