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W.C 17.10.21


What a fantastic way to end this first half term! The Hedgehogs have had an incredible week this week and I think they are definitely deserving of a lovely break with all the new learning that we have done this week! We have even had a very famous and important visitor come to our school to teach us all about Ancient Egypt! Read below to find out more!


Ancient Egyptian Day - Cleopatra, Coming at Ya!

Well, we were very lucky on Wednesday as we received a royal visit from a deceased pharaoh queen called Cleopatra! She came to our school to teach the children about what life was like for her in Ancient Egyptian times. Look below for a photo gallery of our day!

We have also learnt the steps to building a pyramid in our Topic lesson. We learnt about hoe the Egyptians didn't have cranes or machinery to build a pyramid. We learnt that the pharaoh employed thousands of slaves to carry huge blocks of stone. We also learnt that the Egyptians were clever and they build ramps and sledges to help carry the stones! 


Here is a link to some of the videos and images that we looked at if you and your child are interested.


Google Earth link to see the Great Pyramid of Giza from space - click here.


Can you tell a grown up why were the pyramids built? How were they built? Where were they built? Maybe have a go at building a pyramid out of spaghetti and marshmallows!



In our English this week, we learnt about how to create a fantastic sentence. We had sentences taken from our model text, but they were jumbled up! We put the sentences back together again and then we rewrote the sentences using finger spaces, capital letters, full stops and lovely, neat handwriting!


We also learnt about adjectives this week. Adjectives are describing words that are used to describe what an object looks, feels or is like. We used adjectives to describe Mr Armishaw and then used adjectives to describe Tutankhamun. 


Can you think of adjectives to describe Tutankhamun's mask? How could we describe his beard? How could we describe his collar? What adjectives can you describe his cobras on the top of his head?



In our Maths learning this week, we learnt something completely new! We learnt about part-whole models. We learnt that part-whole models are diagrams that are made up of 2 parts (but they can be more) and the parts all go to the whole. Here is a diagram below. 



We used this interactive resource to help us understand that a part + part = whole For example, if I had a part of 2 and a part of 3, the whole would be 5!

We then made addition sentences from our part-whole models and we learnt that we could swap the parts around and we would still get the same answer in the whole! 


Can you have a go at finding the whole from these part-whole models? Maybe you could write an addition sentence for each one as well! Remember it is ____ + _____ = _______. 



Celebration Assembly

This week I awarded a RESPECT certificate, and three leaves this week. It was so hard to choose this week, so well done everyone!


A fantastic term Hedgehogs, we cannot wait to see you after half term! Have a lovely, relaxing break and stay safe. 


Mr Armishaw and the Year 1 team