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W/C 18.10.21

Woohoo! We have completed our first half-term in Year 2, and what a fabulous 7 weeks we have had! 


In maths this week, we have continued with our new topic: Addition & Subtraction. We have been exploring related number facts. Can you explain to someone at home what a related number fact is? Show someone at home what you can do: 

We have also been learning to add and subtract 1s. We used our tens and ones equipment to help us. Show someone at home what you have learnt: 

We finished the week by finding 10 more and 10 less than a number. We used a '100 square' and our tens and ones counters to help us. Can you show someone at home how we find 10 more and 10 less than a number?


In English, we have been busy planning and writing our journey tales. Can you remember what a journey tale is? We included an introduction, a build-up, a problem, a resolution and an ending. Can you tell someone at home what your story was about? I was blown away by all of their fantastic writing. We made sure we included capital letters, full stops, expanded noun phrases and even some adverbs! Can you remind someone at home what these features are? 


In topic, we have been exploring Victorian homes.  Can you remember all six rooms that would have been in a wealthy Victorian home? We had a kitchen, a scullery, a front parlour, a dining room, a master bedroom and a nursery. Can you tell someone at home a little bit about each of the rooms? What did they look like? What did they include in them?

We then created our own rooms in groups and put them together to make a Victorian dolls house! Mrs Ward and I were blown away by your creativity! Take a look at our pictures below. 


We have given the children some maths and writing homework to complete (if they wish) over the half-term break, alongside their spellings and phonics. If the children do complete some or all of this, we would love to see them the first week back after the half-term break. If you need the sheet printing again, please click on the link:


Well done for a fantastic first half-term. Have a wonderful and relaxing half-term break.