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W/c 19/04/2021

What a super start to the Summer term it has been, it has been lovely that the Sun has stayed out for us too.  We hope you had a lovely restful Easter break and are raring to go for our last term of the Year.


In Maths this week Year 4 have reached the end of their Fractions unit.  They have been learning about fractions of quantities. 

Year 5 have been learning about subtracting both improper fractions and mixed numbers. 


In English we have been learning about discussion texts.  We looked at a number of different discussion texts to identify the features of this type of writing.  We chose to write our discussion text on whether we are going to read Stig of the Dump as our class Guided Reading text.  We had a super debate about this in class and the children have written some very persuasive Hot Writes.


We have also finished our Geography topic on Climate Change.  The children have created an incredibly presented scrap book with a huge amount of information on what Climate Change is, how it is affecting our World and how we do our bit to combat it. 


We will now be moving on to our Science term which is going to involve lots of trips out of the classroom.


Our spellings this week are:

Year 4: Spelling List 23 – Adding ‘ly’ to create adverbs: reluctantly, quickly, generously, unexpectedly, gently, curiously, furiously, seriously, victoriously, courteously.

Year 5: Spelling List 23 – Adverbs of possibility: definitely, possibly, probably, frequently, infrequently, occasionally, rarely, certainly, obviously, often.


We hope you have a wonderful weekend, stay safe!


The Puffins Team

Climate Change Scrapbook