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W.C 19.04.21

We have had a lovely first week back after the Easter break. 


Well done Owls, this week we have completed our maths unit on shapes! To finish our maths unit off we looked at counting the vertices on 3D shapes. We even made our own repeating patterns using different 3D shapes. Can you find any 3D shapes in your home this weekend? See if you can find a sphere, a cube, a cuboid and a square-based pyramid. If you like, you could take some photos to show me!


In English, we have been focusing on different elements of our Year 2 SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar). We have been looking a past and present verbs, adverbs, expanded noun phrases and different sentences types!


Can you identify the past tense verbs below?

walked, swim, hop, skipped, talked, went, go, smile, waved


Can you place an adverb in the sentence below?

The lion roared _________ in the jungle. 


In topic, we have started our new topic of work: habitats! We have been exploring different habitats around the world and created our own using shoe boxes (see the picture below). We have also been exploring our animals living in polar habitats (such as polar bears) keep warm. We completed the 'Blubber Glove' experiment. Can you explain to someone at home what the 'blubber glove' experiment is and what we found out?


A great week back Owls, well done! Just a reminder to keep reading lots at home and recording when you have read in your reading records.