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W/C 19.06.23

We have had a lovely week in the Owls Class.


In maths, we have been learning about capacity and volume. Can you tell someone at home what these words mean? We started the week by measuring millilitres (see our pictures below). We then moved on to looking at litres. How many millilitres are in 1 litre? We then used our knowledge to solve problems. Show someone at home what you can do:



At the end of the week, we looked at temperature. Have a go at the question below:


In English, we wrote our own letter! We included time conjunctions, adverbs and expanded noun phrases. We were very impressed with these! Can you tell someone at home what you wrote about?

We have recapped similes this week. Can you think of an example of a simile? Complete these below:


As fluffy as a ____________

Bright like the ____________

As big as _________________


In science, we have been learning about keeping our bodies healthy. We explored how humans keep healthy, what foods we should eat and how much! Can you label the parts of the 'Eatwell Plate'? 

We then explored how our bodies feel after exercise. Finally, we explored how we keep ourselves safe from germs:


Germ Experiment