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W.C 19.10.20

Happy half-term Owls! We've done done it! Well done for all of your hard work, you all deserve a wonderful half-term break. 


In maths, we have been adding and subtracting 10s and have also been adding 1-digit and 2-digit numbers. We have used our base ten to help us, a number line and also the column method! Can you show someone at home how you use the column method? Remember, some numbers may need carrying over to the tens column...


    5 4        4 7

+  2 3      + 3 6  

   ___        ___


For more practice check out the half-term homework below!


In English, we have recognised that this month is Black History Month. Can you tell someone at home what Black History Month is? Across the school we have been celebrating black men and women who have achieved amazing things. We have focused on Lewis Hamilton. Can you tell someone at home who Lewis Hamilton is? We watched some of his famous races and learnt lots about his early life and greatest achievements. Using our research from the week we wrote a biography about Lewis Hamilton. Can you remember some of the interesting facts you found out?


In topic, we completed a science experiment. We explored the effects our putting weight on a paper aeroplane and how far it can travel. We made some predictions and tested 3 differently weighted aeroplanes in small groups. We noted down how far each aeroplane travelled and made some conclusions. Can you remember which paper aeroplane was best? Did the aeroplane travel further if it was heavy or light?


Half-term Homework


This half-term we have covered two topics in maths: place value and addition and subtraction. I have produced two work sheets for the children to complete, covering the two topics of maths. We have not completed the addition and subtraction unit and will be continuing with this after half-term. However, the work provide covers the concepts taught so far.


Please note that this homework is completely optional. Please do not feel this has to be completed. If children do wish to complete all or some of the worksheets, please could they bring them in on the first week back after the half-term holidays.


Click on the link below to access the homework online, or alternatively click on the 'homework' tab on our class page.



Have a fantastic half-term and stay safe x