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W/c 20/06/22

It has been another busy week in Puffins.  This week we have investigated Gravity, written our explanation texts and translated many things!


Carrying on with our “What goes up must come down” Science topic we have investigated how mass affects the speed with which something falls.  Although our investigation was slightly thwarted by rain the children still worked very hard in devising how they were going to carry out this investigation themselves.  They thought carefully about the independent and controlled variable and how they could ensure the test was as fair as possible.  This resulted in some very interesting results and incredibly (for the first time this year) our results matched our conclusion.  Brilliant scientific investigating Puffins. 


Our English has, this week, involved us writing, editing and improving and finishing our Explanation texts.  After a bit of confusion the children have created some very informative Explanation texts with brilliant Grammatical features. 


Maths featured our new unit of Position and Direction.  We have looked at translation using coordinates and thought about reading the x and y axis accurately.  We have also looked at lines of symmetry and how the most obvious shapes do not always have any!


If you are attending the Summer Fayre tomorrow we hope you have a wonderful time and have a lovely weekend!


Stay safe


Mrs Karamucki