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W/C 20.06.22

Another very warm week! But that hasn't stopped us from doing some fantastic learning! 


In maths, we have continued with telling the time. Last week, we explored o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter 2.  Show someone on the clock below where the minute hand points to at each of those times:

This week, we have been telling the time to five minutes. How many minutes are in between each time? Show someone at home what you can do: 


We then looked at durations of time. Can you answer these questions correctly?

We have now completed our unit of work on time. We made our own clocks to take home with us so that we can keep practising!


In English, we have been busy writing our own persuasive adverts. We did a fantastic job! The children are very convincing! Talk to someone at home about what we needed to include in our adverts. I have included our checklist below:


In science, we have been checking in on our cress experiment. Tell someone at home how each plant is growing in each condition. Are they all growing? Which one is growing the best? What do they look like? 

We then completed our end of unit assessment to show our knowledge. Everyone did a great job! We will be starting our new unit of work next week! 


Have a great weekend everyone!