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W/C 20.09.21

A super week, well-done Owls! 


In maths, we have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones. We have been using a part-whole model to help us. Can you show someone at home how we do this?

We have also been partitioning our numbers in different ways. We have been using our tens and ones to help us solve the missing parts in our part-whole models. Can you have a go at the challenge below?

We have been writing addition sums to match our part-whole models. Try the challenge below and show someone at home what you can do: 


In English, we have created a story map for our descriptive model text. Can you use our story map to help retell the descriptive text to someone at home? 

During our English lessons this week, we have been identifying and writing questions. Can you think of a question you might ask someone at home? What does your question need at the end of it? We have also been working on writing expanded noun phrases. Can you tell someone at home what a noun is? Can you tell them what an adjective is? Write an expanded noun phrase to describe this puppy: 



In topic, we have been learning about what schools were like in the Victorian era. We discussed how wealthy boys and girls attended school and poor children would be sent to work. Can you tell someone at home some of the jobs the children had to do? We also looked at how boys and girls were treated differently and attended different lessons at school. Can you remember what the boys were taught and what the girls were taught? Was this fair? 


Well done for another super week, Owls! Have a lovely weekend!