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W.C. 20.6.22

We have had a brilliant week in Hedgehogs this week! We have been working really hard across all areas of our learning this week, and we are so proud of how they are behaving. The children are becoming more and more like Year 2s each day! Take a look below at some of the learning that we have been doing this week.



In our Maths learning we have started our new unit on Money. We have been looking at the different coins; 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2. We have also looked at the notes £5, £10, £20 as well. We learnt about how the different coins are made up of different metals (bronze, silver and gold) and that 100p = £1. We have been quite creative with money, learning how we can make amounts in different ways, and we have been counting coins and adding them up to see how much there is altogether. ​​​​​Look at the coin purses below and see if you can work out the value in each purse. Remember to add from the highest coin, working your way to the lowest coin. 












If you want to carry on with money work or finding ways to make amounts, these games below are good for consolidating money.

Toy Shop Game -

Coins Game -



In our English learning, we have been planning and writing our HOT WRITES for a finding tale, based on the story of the Storm Whale. The children were asked to choose a creature for their main character to find, and they had to think of creative ways that they would help the creature. The children produced fantastic pieces of writing, and their writing can be found in our creative gallery in the Hedgehogs' classroom. 


Here is Mr Armishaw's plan for his HOT WRITE. Can you help him by writing a sentence for one of the sections from his plan? Can you use adjectives, full stops, capital letters and a great opening to make the story exciting? Bring your work in if you choose to do this!



In our Topic learning we have been continuing our learning on trees and we have been exploring the differences between evergreen trees and deciduous trees. We learnt that deciduous trees lose their leaves in Autumn and Winter, and that evergreen trees keep their leaves all year around. We also talked about the difference between a deciduous and an evergreen leaf. Have a look at the pictures below. Can you identify any differences and similarities between deciduous and evergreen leaves?









We also labelled a tree with the key vocabulary such as crown, roots, branches, trunk, bark and leaves. We also spoke about the jobs of each of those parts and how it helps the tree to grow and be protected.


We have had a fantastic week. Well done Hedgehogs!


Mr Armishaw and the Year 1 Team