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W/C 21.03.22

A super week of learning!


In maths, we have been learning to count the sides and vertices on 2D shapes. Can you explain to someone at home what a side is? What is a vertex? Show someone what you can do: 



We have also been finding vertical lines of symmetry. What is a line of symmetry? What do you know if a shape is symmetrical? Try these: 


In English, we have been learning our new model text, a conquering the monster tale. Our story is called 'The Queen's Crown'. Use the story map to tell someone at home what happens in our story:

Within our story there are similes. Can you explain to someone at home what a simile is? Complete these sentences to make a simile:


1. The coins shone as brightly as ____________________________________________________

2. Lily swam as smoothly as a _______________________________________________________

3. The giant laughed as loud as ______________________________________________________


In topic, we have been learning about Aboriginal tribes in Australia. Using the pictures below, tell someone at home what you have learnt: 

We have also been exploring Sydney and identified the human features within it. Can you name some of the places on the map?



On Friday, we had lots of fun in the sun! We completed a nature hunt, did some nature drawings and drew pictures with chalk. Take a look at our photos...