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W.C 21.06.21

Well done for super week, Owls!


In maths, we have been learning all about position and direction. We have been using the vocabulary left, right, quarter turn, half turn, full turn, clockwise and anti-clockwise. Can you tell someone at home how we can remember our left and right? Can you tell someone how we remember which way is clockwise and which way is anti-clockwise? (Hint: Clockwise is always...). Show someone at home what you can do!


In English, we have been busy planning and writing up our own reports all about the Repton dragon! We used lots of key features such as, a headline, paragraphs, adjectives, similes, past tense verbs and even some speech! Can you tell someone at home your favourite part of your report? Can you remember a simile you used? Can you remember a quote you used from one of the witnesses? 


In topic, we have been exploring all about life cycles and animal babies. Can you tell someone at home something you learnt?