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W.C 21.09.20

Well done Owls for another super week of learning!


In maths, we have been busing using our place value knowledge to compare objects and numbers. The children have used the base ten equipment to create two or three numbers for their partners to compare using the greater than (>), less than (<) and equal to (=) symbols. We have also been busy ordering numbers and concrete materials from greatest to smallest and smallest to greatest! The children have been really successful during their place value unit. 

As a challenge, could you find a number that could fit in the middle of these two numbers? How many different numbers could you use?

12 < ____ < 22


In English, we have been busy planning to write our own descriptive poster about a missing creature! The children carefully thought about each section of the descriptive poster and chose their own mischievous animal or creature to write about. Can you tell someone at home about the animal/creature you chose? What did it steal from the Queen? The children then completed their 'hot writes' and edited them. We learnt how to use a dictionary to find spellings. The children were really independent whilst editing their work- I was super impressed! The children used our writing toolkit to help them. As a result, they included expanded noun phrases and lots of adjectives in their writing!


In Topic, we have been exploring different UK landmarks. Can you tell someone at home what a landmark is? We reread 'The Queen's Handbag' and discovered the different landmarks she visited whilst chasing the sneaky swan and which country the landmarks were in. How many countries are in the UK? Can you name them? Remember our little rhyme to help you! We then used a compass and learnt about North (Never), East (Eat), South (Shredded) and West (Wheat). We used this knowledge to write directions for where the Queen travelled to. We did a brilliant job! We then made our own Queen puppets using lollipop sticks and card. These are now on display by our window! 


What a busy but wonderful week we have had! 


Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday!


Miss McKenna