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W.C 2.11.20

Hello everyone! What a great week back for the Hedgehogs. Here is what we have been learning about this week.



In our English learning this week, we have been looking at how and when to use capital letters. We have been learning to use our 'Letter Wall' in the classroom, to help us with our writing. We then corrected some sentences that did not have a capital letter, or a full stop! Can you write down all the capital letters and lower case letters? We also learnt that capital letters touch the top of our lines and the bottom of the lines, so they are very mighty letters! We then looked at planning our own non-Chronological reports. We looked at the animals from the book Oi! Get off our train, and we each chose an animal to talk about. Next week we will be writing our non-Chronological reports.



In our Maths learning this week, we have started our unit on addition and subtraction. This week, we have looked at something completely new. We have looked at part-whole models! We learnt about how we can partitions wholes into two parts. We then looked at how we can make addition sentences from the part-whole model. It was a lot of new learning but the children loved creating part whole models and find different ways of partitioning numbers. CHALLENGE - How many ways can you partition 10?


Here is a website with a link to a part-whole model website which may be quite useful.



In our topic learning this week, we have been learning about where hot and cold places are in the world. We coloured in a map of the world and we identified that the north and south of the world are the coldest and the centre of our world is the hottest. Can you point on a map where the cold and hot places are? We also looked at transport throughout our time and looked at new and old forms of transport as our book, Oi! Get off our train! has a train in it. We looked at the first aeroplane, first car and even how rich people transported over 2000 years ago!


Celebration Assembly

This week, I gave out 2 leaves and one SUCCESS certificate.


What a great first week back Hedgehogs. Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Armishaw and the Year 1 Team