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W.C. 21.6.21

We have had a lovely week this week in our learning. We have worked incredibly hard and we only have 4 more weeks until the end of the half term!



In our Maths learning this week, we have started our unit on fractions. We have been learning about halves and quarters this week. We started by cutting objects into half by using playdough. We then cut shapes into halves. We also found half of amounts by sharing objects into two equal groups. Can you find half of these amounts by getting the number of objects and sharing them across two groups? We then moved onto quarters and we cut shapes out of playdough. We learnt that to quarter objects, we can half and half again!


Half of 10 is ____

Half of 14 is ____

Half of 8 is _____

Half of 16 is ____

Half of 24 is ____



In our English learning this week, we have moved onto our new unit on poetry this week! We have been learning the poem of the Nut Tree by Julia Donaldson. It is a beautiful poem about how a nut can become a tree. We have been: been drawing story maps, boxed up the poem, and created rhyming words that go with the poem. Below is the story map - can you tell a grown up the lines of the poem? Make sure to include the rhyming words!



We have finished our week on senses this week. On Tuesday, we did a fun, but scary, tasting experiment where we had to be blindfolded and use our sense of taste to determine the flavour of foods, and to work out what the foods were. The children loved it! Can you tell a grown up about some of the foods that you tasted? What did they taste like? Were they bitter, sour, sweet and salty? 


We also did a lesson on our sense of hearing. We tested the volume of different musical instruments in the class and we used a decibel meter to record which instrument was the loudest. We also learnt that sound is made up of small vibrations that enter the ear drum. Can you tell a grown up what loud instruments you listened to this week? Can you think of any instruments that can make a quiet sound?


Celebration Assembly

This week, I awarded a RESPECT certificate, three LEAVES and a WRISTBAND. Well done this week!


Super week Hedgehogs, have a lovely weekend!


Mr Armishaw