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W.C 21.9.20

We have had another amazing week in the Hedgehogs class. The Hedgehogs have done an amazing job of following routines and our class behaviour rules this week. We have done a lot of fantastic work this week so read below to see what we have been doing.



This week in our English learning, we started our week by drawing story maps of the story. We learnt how to neatly present a story map and read the story back to ourselves by using pictures to help us. We then looked at writing sentences to describe one of the animals on the train. We looked at using adjectives to describe the tiger from the train. Can you tell a grown up what an adjective is? Once we had brainstormed some adjectives, we looked at creating a full, clear sentence and using a full stop. The children thought of some fantastic adjectives! We had fierce, angry, nice and orange! Look below for challenge you can do at home!


This week in our Maths learning, we have been representing numbers in different ways. We looked at the numbers between 1-10 and thought of ways we could show these numbers. We used numicons, number beads, ten frames, lollipop sticks and straws to show these numbers - it was a very messy lesson, but children loved exploring making numbers in different ways. Can you explain to a grown up how you could represent the number 7? We then looked at counting forwards. We found out that you don't always have to start from 0 or 1, you can start from any number! What numbers do you miss counting if I count forward from the number 4? We have done some great work this week and we have now been introduced to the chili challenges!


In our Topic learning, we have been labelling the body parts of animals from our story. We looked at features that mammals, birds, fish and reptiles have. We then looked at using a word bank to label a picture of a crane.

Celebration Assembly

We had our celebration assembly and we awarded a PRIDE certificate for super work in English this week, and two leaves. Who will get it next week?


Hedgehogs you have been amazing this week, keep showing us your fantastic learning and behaviour!


The Hedgehog Team