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W/c 21st November 2022

What a fun-filled week we have had in the Puffins. We have made pots, multiplied and story-mapped our new English unit. 


In English this week we edited our Hot Writes.  The children made some brilliant improvements, including adding more description, speech marks and expanded noun phrases.  Some quality, well written stories Puffins.  Well done.  We also started our new topic of Poetry.  We read through our WAGOLL, The Zealous Zoo, recited it with actions and story mapped it using symbols.


In Maths we have started our new unit of Multiplication.  We have looked at multiples of 2, 5 and 10 and thought about sharing and grouping.  We have used arrays to help us as well as our super knowledge of these times tables. Discuss this ‘True or False’ question with your grown up, can you explain how you know the answer.

Our Topic lesson this week involved making a pot in the style of the Roman potters.  The children worked so hard to make some wonderful pots which looked very professional, we could even have some future ‘Great British Pottery Throwdown’ stars on our hands!

We carried on observing our flowers in Science to see whether different conditions changed the amount of water they absorbed.  We noticed that the hotter the room the flower was in, the greener they had gone, meaning they had sucked up more water.


The Puffins have worked so hard preparing for our singing concert next week.  We hope you really enjoy their singing and can see what an incredible amount of effort we have put into our practicing. 


Next Friday is our Christmas Dress Down Day.  The PTA has requested that Puffins bring in food donations or a raffle prize.  Preferably this will be brought in on Friday.  Thank you very much.


Have a lovely weekend. 

Stay safe


Mrs Karamucki