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W.C 22.11.21

We have had a very busy week with all our new learning, but the Hedgehogs have been so resilient and we are so proud of them all! Look below to find out all the learning that we have been doing.



In our Maths learning this week, we have been continuing our work on subtraction. We have done subtraction in different ways this week, using part-whole models, the crossing out method and using a number line. We learnt that when we subtract, we count backwards on a number line! Here are some websites to help practise subtraction;


General Subtraction Game


Number Line Subtraction


Crossing Out Method Subtraction



In our English learning this week, we have been learning the instructions of 'How to Build a Pyramid'. We have been learning about different parts of the text, such as defining key VIP words such as force, wondered, instructions, wisdom and foundation. We then looked at what verbs are and we learnt they are action words. Finally, we looked at what time conjunctions are and when we use them. We have done so much SPAG this week! 


Verb Game


Can you use time conjunctions and tell your grown up how you would make a cheese and tomato sandwich by looking at the pictures below? Make sure to use the time conjunctions; first, then, next, after that and finally!



In our Topic learning this wee, we have been learning about Ancient Egyptian homes and what they looked like. We looked at how the poor people lived in houses and how they had to build their houses out of mud bricks from the River Nile. Next week, we will look at how nobles and viziers lived in Ancient Egyptian times. Here is a model of an Egyptian house. Can you explain to an adult any features that you can see of the house? Do you think it would have been a nice place to live? Is there anything similar to this house and your house?


Celebration Assembly

This week, I awarded two PRIDE certificates and a leaf. Congratulations to those who received an award. It was difficult to choose this week.


The children have been working hard in their Christmas production! We cannot wait for you to see it very soon.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Mr Armishaw and the KS1 Team