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W/C 22.11.21

Wow! What a brilliant week we have had in the Owls Class. 


In maths, we have been using our number bond knowledge to help us with our addition and subtraction equations to 100. First, we recapped our number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. Can you tell someone at home what a number bond is? Can you complete your number bonds to 10 and 100 below? As an extra challenge can you tell someone at home your numbers bonds to 20?


__ + 9 = 10

__ + 8 = 10

__ + 7 = 10

__ + 6 = 10

__ + 5 = 10


__ + 90 = 100

__ + 80 = 100

__ + 70 = 100

__ + 60 = 100

__ + 50 = 100


In class, we enjoy playing this game online:


We then used our number bond knowledge to help solve addition and subtraction equations to 100. Show someone at home how we could solve this problem. Remember, you can use a 100-square to help you. 

Next week, we are starting our new unit of work: Money. Over the weekend, please could you begin to look at different coins and notes. Perhaps you could help someone at home count any change you have in the house.


In English, we planned and wrote our very own set of instructions. We all chose our own thing that we wanted to capture and wrote clear instructions on how to do so. Can you remember some of the key features that need to be included in our instructions? We included time conjunctions, imperative verbs and even some adverbs! Can you tell someone at home about your instructions? Remember to include the 'you will need' section. 


We had a fantastic time on our school trip this week! We met Mr Webb, the children's nanny and the maids. We made herbal bags in the kitchen, we watched a magic lantern show, we played Christmas games in the Grand Hall and we played with the children's toys in the attic. What was your favourite part of the day? Take a look at our pictures below!