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W.C. 22.3.21

Another amazing week Hedgehogs! One more week till the Easter Holidays, and I think we all deserve a nice, relaxing break. 



In Maths this week, we have started to work in counting in multiples of 2. We started by each of us getting two objects and then counting on 2 from the next person. We eventually highlighted all the multiples of 2 on a number square. We found out that when we start from 0, the multiples of 2 end in 2, 4, 6, 8 or 0 - these are our even numbers! When we start from a number like 1, and count in multiples of 2, they end in the numbers 1,3,5,7,9 - our odd numbers! We also listened to a funny counting in 2s song which I have attached the link too here. you count in multiples of 2? If so, can you challenge yourself to count backwards in multiples of 2?



In English, we have innovated our model text on "How to Defeat a Fire Monster" to become "How to Defeat a Lava Dragon". The children enjoyed coming up with ways to defeat a lava dragon and we decided on some materials and steps to defeat the lava dragon. We then did some fantastic shared writing where the children wrote the instructions to defeat the lava dragon. We then have started to each plan our own set of instructions by creating our own story maps. We are excited to see the finished pieces next week!  Can you remember what your set of instructions were about? Can you write your own instructions at home using the time conjunctions we have learnt about in school? 



In Topic, we looked at evidence and how we know of the Great Fire of London. We looked at newspaper extracts, pictures of 1666 objects and Samuel Pepys Diary! We also looked at how London looked like after the fire, We designed our own houses and streets post 1666. What do you think the streets and houses would look like after the Great Fire of London?


You have done amazing work this week Hedgehogs. Have a lovely, relaxing weekend!