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ReptonPrimary School


W/C 23.01.23

Well done for another super week of learning, Owls!


In maths, we have started our new unit of work: Money! The children have recognised different coins and notes, named and spotted the difference between pounds and pence, and even started making amounts. Miss Abbott challenged the children in groups with the 'egg drop challenge'. Can you tell someone at home what this is? A shop was set up in our classroom and the children needed to buy items to protect their eggs (e.g. cardboard, newspaper, and sellotape). The children had to count their money and spend it at the shop to make their protective box. We tested how secure these were by dropping them from a height on the playground. Did yours break? 


In English, we have been planning our own journey tales. We thought about our own ideas for our introduction, build-up, problem, resolution and ending. Can you remember any of your ideas? Who is your main character? What does he find? Where does he go? We will be writing our stories on Monday. We have also been busy looking at compound words such as 'butterfly' and 'pancake'. We made our own booklets to help us! Can you name some of these compound words from the clues below?


In topic, we used an atlas to name and locate Australia’s six states and two territories. Can you remember any using the map below?

We also learnt about 'Australia Day' and made our own dot paintings. Take a look below!