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w/c 2.3.20

A very busy, book filled week this week in the Puffin class. We have loved really getting into the story of Stig of the Dump. We have created character profiles and setting descriptions as well as focusing on expanded noun phrases.  We have also looked at editing and improving our work to make it the best it can be.  Well done Puffins, you have produced some brilliant stories with some incredible descriptive language!


On Thursday we had a plethora of wonderful book characters make their way into our classroom!!  These included Wanda, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, Cruella DeVille, Mary Poppins and Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket.  All these characters were kept in line by Little Miss Bossy and Little Miss Inventor invented a special invisible shield to protect them all from The Wicked Queen and Miss Trunchbull. We really enjoyed lots of different reading activities, including creating character book selfies and writing in-depth book reviews.  It was lovely to see the children so engaged with their reading when the volunteers came in and their manners were exemplary – well done!


In Maths we have done a lot of work on comparing and ordering and how to find a fraction of an amount. Some tricky concepts and lots of mathematical language to grasp but they’ve done a brilliant job so far. A few more lessons on fractions of amounts and we are going to be a class of fraction geniuses.



Year 3 – Challenge Words: build, describe, imagine, library, natural, ordinary, promise, recent, suppose, weight.

Year 4Challenge Words: breath, business, caught, different, medicine, possession, although, thought, exercise, extreme.  


PE will be outside more often now that Spring is on it’s way so please make sure that children come to school with trainers, jumper and/or jogging bottoms – plus a change of top and socks.


We hope you have a lovely weekend

Mrs Karamucki, Mrs Scott-Barrett and Mrs Allsopp