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W/c 23rd January 2023

What a musical filled week we have had, including a BBC Young Musician of the Year workshop, glockenspiels and algorithms.  Read on to find out more…


In English this week we have finished our Explanation Texts.  The children planned their explanation texts using the machines that they had created the previous week.  Have a look at some of our amazing machines below.



They used the toolkit that we had looked at previously to help them ensure that they had all of the right features in their text.  We also edited and improved our stories this week.  As usual our editing pencils were used and the children thought carefully about the features that they had missed or how they could make their writing even better.  Super explaining Puffins. 


In Maths we have now finished our second Multiplication and Division unit.  We have thought about scaling this week and how we can scale amounts up or down using our times table knowledge.  Bar models were very useful with this.  Can you explain these two questions to your grown up?  Think about what the bar model shows and why it can help you. 

In RE this week we have been doing some art analysis.  We have studied ‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardi da Vinci.  We thought about what is shows us about his interpretation of what could have happened at the Last Supper, how the people in the picture might feel and why they feel this way. 


We had the most amazing opportunity to take part in a workshop with Jess Gilham (a prized Saxophonist) hosted by Repton School this week.  The children were treated to an hour and a half of amazing music plus some brilliant activities and audience participation.  All of the Puffins behaved amazingly and I was very proud of them. 


In Computing we have carried on looking at how a Computer works, this week focusing on algorithms.  We thought about what an algorithm was and then created our own algorithm pictures. Have a look at some of our pictures below. 




The spellings for this week are both on Spelling shed and in your child’s homework diary. 


I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Stay safe.


Mrs Karamucki