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W/c 24.01.22

This week has been another busy week in Puffins.  We have begun our new unit of Fractions in Maths, we written and edited some incredible Stories from other Cultures and we have investigated what plants need to survive.


Our Fractions unit got off to a good start this week, we have thought about equivalent fractions and reminded ourselves about fractions that are bigger than one.  We then looked at turning these into mixed numbers. 


English involved us completing our Stories from another Culture.  The children have worked very hard to edit and improve their stories this week using our editing stations, they have included some superb grammatical features including expanded noun phrases and correctly demarcated speech.  Well done Puffins.


Within our Topic lessons we have finished our Rainforest dioramas.  We have thought carefully about the different layers of the Rainforest, which species of wildlife lives in each layer and what the conditions are like.  I’m sure you will be very impressed with their efforts. 


In Science we have carried on with our topic of learning about plants.  This week we focused on planning and carrying out an investigation which was designed to find out what a plan needs to grow and survive: water, sunlight or nutrients from the soil.  So far, the results have surprised us. 


We look forward to seeing those of you who have confirmed you are attending the Whitemoor Lakes trip presentation on Tuesday.  If you can not attend this we will be uploading a Loom with information about the trip as well.  If you have any questions before this or after you have watched the video please do not hesitate to ask.


Stay safe,


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs K