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W/C 24.01.22

Another super, busy week in the Owls Class!


In maths, we have been busy making doubles. We used coloured pencils and our tens frames to help us find the total. For example, when finding double '6', we used a coloured pencil and coloured in 6 circles on the tens frame. With another colour, we coloured in 6 more dots (continuing from the same tens frame at before). Once we had done that, we could see that 12 circles had been coloured in on our tens frame. Can you show someone at home what you can do by doubling each number below?


We have also been counting in twos and using our 2-times tables knowledge to solve multiplication problems. Show someone at home what you can do:

I have attached a worksheet to the bottom of this page for you to complete at home if you wish smiley


In English, we have been busy planning and writing our own warning tales. The children did a fantastic job! I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Can you tell someone at home what your story was about? We included expanded noun phrases, adverbs and conjunctions in our stories this week too. Remind someone at home what those features are. Can you remember some that you included in your story?


In topic, we have been learning about Australia's 6 states and 2 territories. Can you remember what a territory is? Can you tell someone at home where these 6 states and 2 territories are? Use a map or an atlas to help you...


On Wednesday, it was 'Australia Day'. We talked about what this means, the history of Australia and how some Australian people celebrate it. Can you remember what some Australian's do to celebrate 'Australia Day'? We also talked about why some people call it 'Invasion Day'. Do you remember why people from the Aboriginal communities call it 'Invasion Day'? We tried some 'fairy bread' and did some aboriginal artwork. It was lots of fun!