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W.C. 24.1.22


We have had a great week in our learning this week. We are sending our best wishes to those who have not been in our class this week and we hope that those who are ill with COVID get better soon. Take a look at our learning below to find out what we have been doing this week.



In our Maths learning this week, we have been continuing to compare numbers using the comparison symbols, <, > and =. We have remembered the fact that the "crocodiles" face the greatest number as they are very greedy! We have also been looking at ordering numbers as well. We first looked at ordering groups of objects, and then we looked at ordering numbers. The children have been fantastic this week! Here are some games and challenges below;



Caterpillar Ordering -

Coconut Ordering -

Train Tracks Ordering -



Can you compare these numbers using comparison symbols?

12                         20

16                         6

11                         10 + 1

14                         10 + 9

10 + 7                   10 + 5



In our English work, we innovated the non-chronological report of the Lion last week and this week we produced a piece of writing about it. We thought of how we could really engage the reader by being factual and explaining why an animal has certain features. We then started to plan our HOT WRITE for next week, by choosing a Kenyan animal and creating a picture plan for it. Can you tell a grown-up any facts that you drew about your Kenyan animal?



In our Topic work, we have been continuing to look at maps and we have been looking at a grid map this week. We have been learning about coordinates and we have been trying to locate animals on a (pretend) map of a safari. We had to follow clues and directions to locate the specific animal. Can you work with your grown-up to solve these clues and find the correct animal in the safari?


Challenge 1                                                      Challenge 2 (harder)



















We also have been looking at a map of Kenya in 50 years time and the effects of global warming on Kenya. We talked about how that would impact people and animals. Can you tell your grown up any facts about what could happen to Kenya in 50 years time?


Celebration Assembly

This week, I gave a PRIDE certificate and two leaves. Well done to those who received an award. 


A fantastic week Hedgehogs, have a lovely, relaxing weekend!


Mr Armishaw & the Year 1 team.