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W/C 25.04.22

What a lovely first week back after the Easter break! The children have come back refreshed and re-energised for a busy and fun summer term ahead!


In maths, we have continued with our fraction work. At the beginning of the week, we refreshed our memory on how to find a half and quarter of an amount. When we are finding half of a number, how many groups should we draw (the demnominator will tell us this)? When we are finding a quarter, how many groups should we draw? Once we felt confident we started to find a third of a number. How many groups should we draw if we are finding a third? Show someone at home how you would solve these problems: 


One half of 20

One half of 70

One quarter of 24

One quarter of 80

One third of 15

One third of 30


Top tip: Remember to use both your tens and ones to share these amounts. 


Later in the week, we looked at unit and non-unit fractions. Can you tell someone at home what these are? A unit fraction is where the numerator is 1. A non-unit fraction is where the numerator is more than one. Show someone at home what you can do: 



In English, we have been learning our new model text, 'Spring is Here'. This term, we are going to be writing our very own rhyming poems all about the world around us. On Monday, we explored our forest school area using our senses. Can you tell someone at home what you heard, saw, smelt and felt? Use our class story map to help you retell the poem to someone at home. Can you remember the rhyming words?


Our topic for the summer term is science! This week, we started our first unit of work, 'Living things and their habitats'. On Monday, we learnt about things that are alive, not alive and never been alive. We used 'MRS GREN' to help us remember if something is alive or not. Tell someone at home what each part of MRS GREN means...



We then identified things that are living, dead and never alive. Show someone at home what you know by identifying which is living, which is dead and which has never been alive (explained your answers using MRS GREN):


On Thursday, we started to explore world habitats and what might live there. Can you name some of the habitats below and what might live there? What would it be like to live there?



Well done for a super first week back Owls! Enjoy the long weekend!