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W.C 25/11/19

Another fantastic and busy week in Owl Class! 


In maths, the children have been using their times table knowledge to count pence and pounds. They have been getting familiar with different coins and notes and their worth. Please continue to encourage your children to handle and count money using their 2, 5 and 10 times table knowledge. Next week, we will be using our addition, subtraction and money knowledge to find totals and change from an amount. 

Can you finish the following times table patterns?

2, 4, 6, __, __, __, __, __, __, __, __, __

5, 10, 15, __, __, __, __, __, __, __, __, __

10, 20, 30, __, __, __, __, __, __, __, __, __

20, 40, 60, __, __, __, __, __, __, __, __, __


In English, we have been learning our new model story: Eliot the Midnight Superhero. Can you tell someone at home what the story is about? Within Eliot the Midnight Superhero text we have spotted some similes. Can you tell someone at home what a simile is? The children have been working hard to create their own similes. They were fantastic! 

Complete the sentence using a simile:

The children were as busy as _____________ . 

The train was fast like a _____________ . 


In topic, we have been comparing modern day hospitals with Victorian hospitals. Can you tell someone at home what is the same and what is different between hospitals now and hospitals in the Victorian era?


Times Table Rock Stars


This Friday we had our 'dress as a rock star day'. The children looked fantastic!


We have introduced Times Table Rock Stars (TTR) to the children this week. On Friday, they created their own rock star avatar and had a go at playing some of the times table games. In each child's reading record book we have stuck in their usernames and passwords.


Please encourage your children to practise their times tables (particularly their 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s) and to use the TTR to help them. Please do not worry about the division questions on TTR as the children have not yet been introduced to this concept this year. We will be beginning our multiplication and division topic just before Christmas. For now, please encourage your children to give the multiplication and division questions a go, and most importantly, to have fun with it!


The children have worked incredibly hard this week, I am really proud of all their work. 


Christmas Production


The children have been busy rehearsing for the Christmas production this week. We are really looking forward to our dress rehearsals next week! 


As you know, we will be performing our Christmas production at the Repton 400 Hall on Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th December. We will also be performing a dress rehearsal on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th December at the Repton 400 Hall.

We are looking for parent volunteers who can walk with us to and from the Repton 400 Hall on the dates above. On those dates, we will be leaving school at 1pm with the aim to leave Repton 400 Hall at 2:45pm. If you are walking with us on the dress rehearsal dates, you are welcome to stay and watch the children rehearse.

If you are available and would like to volunteer to walk with us, please get in contact with a member of the KS1 team by Monday 2nd December.