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W.C. 2.5.22


Although we have had a short week this week, we have been working incredibly hard in the space of these four days! Look below to find out what learning we have done this week!



In our Maths learning, the children have been learning all about arrays. We have learnt that an array is an arrangements of objects, usually into rows and columns. We have learnt how we can represent objects in arrays by using cubes and other objects. We have drawn arrays and we have created addition sentences of arrays too. We have even tried to challenge ourselves by representing arrays as bar models too! Here are some arrays below. Can you write an addition sentence to go with the arrays below? Maybe even two addition sentences! Or can you describe them to your grown-up? 

There are _____ rows. There are _____ in each row.


There are _____ rows. There are _____ in each row.

There are _____ rows. There are _____ in each row.


We also practised a new skill of doubling. We learnt how we can double numbers by using a 'ladybird' to help us. We practised doubling from 0 - 10. Have a go at Hit the Button to practise your doubles!



In English, we have been practising the recount of Mr Armishaw's Amazing Easter Day. We have also been learning about suffixes. Suffixes are parts of a word that appear at the end of a root word. We looked at the suffixes -er and -est and how we can use them to add to the ends of adjectives to change the adjective. We learnt about certain spelling rules when adding suffixes to the ends of certain root words.

"If it has an e, take it away, and add your suffix"

"If it has a y, take it away, and replace it with an 'i'. Add your suffix!"


You are welcome to use these rules and practise them on this suffix game on Spelling Play. Click on the link below, click "Games" and then click "Drop or Do Nothing" - "er, est and y" 



In our Topic learning, we have been learning all about the 5 senses. We have learnt about which body parts are responsible for our taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch. Can you tell a grown-up which body part we use for each of the senses?

We have had a week full of exciting experiments. First, we created 'Split Pin Bodies' which are interactive human bodies that we made by using split pins and card. We created levers so the hands, legs and hand could all move. We also conducted an experiment to test our sense of touch and smell. We had several boxes with hidden objects underneath them. The children had to put their hand in them to identify what the object was. Similarly, we also did this with pots that were covered over and the children had to sniff what was inside. The children loved it! On Friday, we did a taste investigation and we were identifying different sour, sweet, bitter and salty foods, just purely using our sense of smell and taste. The children were even blindfolded. Here are some pictures below of our exciting experiments. Can you tell your grown-up all about what you did in these experiments? What was your favourite smell, taste, or thing to feel? I have also attached a PDF of what we used for the Split Pin Bodies as some children wanted to make some of these at home! We used Split Pins under adult supervision.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mr Armishaw and the Year 1 Team