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W/c 26/04/2021


What a busy yet fantastic week we have had in Puffins! Our week has involved assessments, Science investigations, Blue Peter badges, a virtual visitor and much more. All of the children have worked extremely hard this week and are well deserving of their extended weekend at home! 


English –  

This week we finished our unit of discussion texts. The children spent time editing their Hot Writes and produced some incredible writing debating whether we should or should not re-read Stig of the Dump. Children have demonstrated that they have clear views and opinions relating to this topic, and it is great to see the children are passionate and enthusiastic about protecting our planet. 


Maths –  

In Year 4 this week, children started their new unit of work learning about decimals. We have recognised tenths as decimals, placed decimals on a place value grid and placed decimals on a number line towards the end of the week.

In Year 5, children have continued to focus on multiplying fractions, this week this has involved multiplying non-unit fractions by an integer and multiplying mixed numbers by an integer. 

Children have developed their understanding by answering discussion, reasoning and problem-solving questions. 


Science –  

We have now started our new Science unit, focusing on ‘Properties and changes of materials’. This week we have been hands-on with our learning and have carried out two practical investigations. The first involved describing materials using our senses and the second involved testing the properties of various materials. Children have thoroughly enjoyed our first week of Science, so we look forward to the rest of the term! 


Science Day –  

Our day today began with a virtual visit from a representative of Severn Trent. She told us all about the history of water and all about how water treatment ensures we have clean water in our home. We now clear know that there are only three things we should flush down our loo: paper, pee and poo! Following that, we have carried out different investigations into separating mixtures: chromatography to discover the different colours ‘hidden’ within others, we used sieving and filtering to turn ‘dirty’ water clean and we also used different methods to separate sand and water, salt and water, raisins and flour and rice and paper clips. As if that wasn’t enough, we have also planted sunflower seeds ready to watch them grow! We hope the children have enjoyed this ‘hands on’ science day. 


As you may have read on ParentHub, we are hoping to receive Blue Peter green badges for all of the children in our class! In order to earn their badge, children have agreed to carry out three pledges both in school and at home, so please remind your child to complete these.  


Due to the fact that we have had such a busy week, we have moved the children’s spelling test to Tuesday (4th May), so there are no new spellings this week. 


Have a fantastic bank holiday weekend and we will see you all again on Tuesday! 


Stay safe

The Puffins Team