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W.C 26.04.21

What a busy week we have had in the Owls Class! 


This week, in maths and English we have been testing our super knowledge. We have completed some Year 2 maths papers, reading comprehension papers and completed some independent writing! Everyone worked really hard and did a fantastic job! 


In topic, we have continued to look at how animals adapt to their environment. We looked at how camels have adapted to live in the desert. Can you remember some features a camel has to survive in the desert? What do their eyelashes do? What do their humps do? We then completed a 'camel feet' experiment. Can you tell someone at home what we did? Take a look at some of our pictures below! We also looked at how animals and plants rely on each other. Can you tell someone at home why a squirrel needs an oak tree? Why does the oak tree need the squirrel? Why does the fox need the squirrel?


Well done for another super week Owls! Enjoy your long weekend!