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W.C 27/01/20

We have had a great week in Owls' Class! 


In maths, we have been busy learning how to divide by 2! We have been using concrete materials and pictorial representations to divide (share) numbers into 2 groups.

Can you divide 12 into two groups? Remember, you can draw your groups and counters to help you!

12 ÷ 2 = ___

Can you think of some more division sums?

We have also been learning about the relationship between multiplication and division. The children really enjoyed watching the video clip with 'Multiplication Boy'! I have attached the link below so that you can watch the video again. Next week, we will be continuing to look at the relationship between multiplication and division and will be learning to divide by 5 and 10.

We have also been looking at odd and even numbers and using our knowledge to solve reasoning problems. Can you solve my problem below: 

I think that 34 is an odd number because '3' is an odd number. 

Am I right or wrong? Prove it! 


In English, we have started our new writing focus: non-chronological reports. We had a go at writing our own reports at the start of the week. We have been imitating and boxing-up our 'model text' called Castle Defences. Can you tell someone at home the structure of a non-chronological report? What do we always start with? What do we end with? Next week, we will be innovating our 'model' report and changing a section of it. 


In topic, we have been learning about Motte and Bailey castles. Can you tell someone at home what a Motte and Bailey castle was? Who built them? What material were they made out of? Next week, we will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of a Motte and Bailey castle and brick castle. 


Only two more weeks until half-term. You're doing a great job Owls!


Have a great weekend. 


Miss McKenna