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W/c 27/06/22

Well, the weeks are going by very fast towards the end of Year 5.  We have had an interesting week filled with metaphors, streamlining and converting units. 


Maths this week involved us starting our new unit on Converting Units.  We looked at converting between kilograms and grams and kilometres and metres.  We used our understanding of place value to help us with this.  Good understanding Puffins.


In English we have focused on building the skills so that we can create our Imaginary World texts.  We have recapped what similes and metaphors are and created our own metaphors for a number of different settings and scenes.  Some beautiful imagery was created. 


Science has involved us thinking about upthrust and buoyancy.  We thought about what shapes created the most water resistance and why shapes need to be streamlined to travel effectively through the water.  The Puffins created their own clay model boats to test if they understood about water resistance, some were more effective than others but we had fun doing it. 


We are looking forward to you being able to see the culmination of our year of learning the Flute.  The Puffins have all worked so hard to play their instruments well and learn all of the sing that we will be both singing and playing. 


I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Stay safe


Mrs Karamucki