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W/C 27.06.22

We have had a lovely week in Owls Class!


In maths, we have started our new (and final!) unit of work: Mass, Capacity and Temperature. This week, we have been looking at 'mass'. Mass is the amount of matter an object contains. The more matter something has, the more it will weigh. For example, an elephant has more matter in it than a mouse so, its mass is heavier. One way to measure the mass of objects is to use balance scales... show someone at home what you can do:


We then used this knowledge to help solve problems. Try the one below:

We can also measure mass using measuring scales. When would we use these? Have a go at the question below:


In English, we have been learning our new model text: The Way Back Home. It is a journey tale. Can you explain to someone at home what a journey tale is? We have been busy imitating the model text using pictures and actions. Use the story map below to help you retell the model text:


We then innovated it by changing the main character, what they found and where they went. Can you remember some of your ideas? 


In science, we have started our new unit of work: Animals and Humans. We explored the basic needs of any living thing. Can you remember what these were? We then explored different animals and their offspring. Sometimes, we don’t call baby animals the same as adult animals. Can you name these baby and adult animals?