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W.C. 27.6.22

We have had a fantastic week in Hedgehogs this week! Only three more weeks until the Hedgehogs become Owls! Next Wednesday, the children will be having their transition day and spend a day with Mrs Taylor-Day and the team, which is very exciting! Look below for a recap of all our learning this week.



In our Maths learning, the children have completed their work on Money. We focused on making different amounts in different ways, such as making 50p from 5 10ps, or using a 20p and a 20p and a 10p. The children were amazing at doing this! I have also attached a link here if your children want to practise making amounts in different ways using a toy shop.

We also started our new unit on Time. We first of all looked at the features of a clock, and looked at the numbers on a clock and the hour and minute hand. Can you remember what colour was the minute hand, and what colour was the hour hand? We then looked at telling the time to the hour. We looked at how we can find the time of an o'clock, by remembering that the minute hand is on 12, and the hour hand is on another number. This is how we can tell if it is an "o'clock" time! Have a go at the games below to practise recognising time and o'clock!


Can you have a go at recognising the time on these clocks below? Remember these are in o'clock!



In our English learning, we have started a new type of text called persuasive letter writing. We have been learning about how to write a letter to somebody to persuade them to do something. We have been learning a letter about telling Mr Tague what he can do to stop littering in the school. We learnt the letter by creating a story map, creating actions and internalising the text by understanding some of the key words in the text such as environment, recycle, littering, untidy. Can you tell your adult any parts of the letter from the story map below?





In our Science learning, we have finished our learning on Plants and Trees, and we have started our new unit of Seasons. We started it this week by learning the order of the seasons. We learnt it using a mnemonic which is Always Wait for Silly Sausages. This helps the children remember the order of the seasons! We then watched a clip about the different things that happen in each season. After this, we created our own Season Dioramas using tissue paper, cardboard boxes and fantastic teamwork! The children worked really hard on these! Here is a picture below. Can you tell your grown-ups by looking at the dioramas, anything that happens in each season?


We have had a great week this week. Have a lovely weekend, and we will see you all on Monday.


Mr Armishaw and the Year 1 Team