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W.C 27.9.21

Wow what an incredible week we have had in Hedgehogs this week! Although many of us have had coughs, colds and sneezes this week, we have overcome our illnesses and powered on through - well done Hedgehogs!



In our Maths learning this week, we have spent the week comparing numbers. We first compared objects and we were introduced to three crocodile friends to help us when comparing. < is less than, > is greater than, = is equal to. We then used these crocodiles to compare amounts by looking at which group is bigger, and which group is smaller. We then moved onto looking at comparing numbers using these crocodiles. Here are some of them below.

Can you see if you can use these crocodiles to compare these numbers? Remember to put the crocodiles in between the numbers!

5                         8

1                         0 

4                         4

2 + 3                   7

9 + 1                   10

4 + 2                  2 + 1


Or you can go on this game to practise comparing numbers!



In our English learning, we have been very creative this week! First we did a piece of writing about the innovated story of Digby. We took a section and wrote creatively about it. We thought about thoughts and feelings and about how we can make the story better. We then planned our own story maps for our own stories, ready to write up our stories next week. The ideas were amazing and I am excited to see the stories!


Can you tell a grown up about your creative story? Maybe you may want to draw a story map of your story? You could even write up your own story of Zog or a different character!



In our Topic learning, we have been learning about what jobs existed back in Ancient Egyptian times. We looked at paintings of people doing different jobs and what their roles were. We decided that it probably wasn't the best job to be a slave or a farmer! We learnt about the job of an Ancient Egyptian priest, as we did not know much about a priest and we learnt about the daily jobs that they do. We then acted out their jobs! 


Watch the clip here to see the video of an Ancient Egyptian priest


We also watched a 360 Youtube video of an Ancient Egyptian temple if you are interested in seeing what the children have been learning. Click the link here:


Can you tell a grown up or act our the daily life of an Ancient Egyptian priest? What part of their ritual did you find the most unusual?


Celebration Assembly

Today I awarded a RESPECT certificate, two leaves and a wristband! It was so hard to choose this week, so well done everyone!


Have a lovely, relaxing weekend and we will see you all on Monday!


Mr Armishaw