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W/C 28.11.22

Christmas is fast approaching and don't we just know it! We have had a visit from Eddie the Elf and have decorated our classroom this week.


In maths, we have been subtracting two 2-digit numbers (not crossing ten). We have drawn our tens and ones to help us and checked our answers using the column method. How would you work this problem out?

We then moved onto subtracting two 2-digit numbers that do cross ten- this was a little trickier. We have to remember to exchange 1 ten for 1 ones... Can you show someone at home how we can do it?


In English, we have started to innovate (change) part of our non-chronological report about Queen Victoria. This week, we have done lots of research about Queen Elizabeth II. Can you remember any of the facts you learnt? 


When was she born?

Who did she marry?

How many children did she have? Can you name one of them?

When did she become Queen? 

What jobs/duties did she have? 

What were her favourite dogs?


In topic, we have continued to look at Victorian houses and architecture. In groups, we designed and created our own rooms to form our Victorian-style dollhouse. We made a kitchen, a scullery, a front parlour, a dining room, a master bedroom and a nursery. Which room did you design? Take a look at our pictures below! Next week, we are going to put all of the rooms together to make our house. 

Key Messages 


  • We have our trip to Newstead Abbey on Wednesday 7th December. We will require children to be at school at the earlier time of 8:30 am and will return to school at approximately 3:20pm. This ensures that the children can experience a full day at the house. In the morning, please arrive at the main entrance to school where a member of the Year 2 team will collect them. The children are invited to dress up in Victorian-style clothing for the day. As previously mentioned, this is optional.
  • As a whole school, we are going to go down to St Wystan's Church on Monday 19th December for our Christmas service and you are all invited to join us. We will need some parent volunteers to help our class walk down that morning. We will aim to leave school around 9:15/30 am. If you are available and would like to, please get in contact with me via email ( Thank you!


  • Our Christmas production is fast approaching! Just a reminder that we will need your child's costume in by Monday 5th December. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me. 


  • Thank you to all those who have sent consent for your child's 'Big Swim' photo to be used by the Repton School social media. Please can you send this consent by Monday 5th December.




Eddie the Elf