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W.C. 28.3.22

We have had a really super week this week in our learning; it is a shame the weather has not been so super! We have had some tricky lessons this week but the children, as always, have worked incredibly hard. Look below to see what they have been up to this week.



In our Maths learning this week, we have been learning how to order numbers up to 50. We learnt that we can look at the tens digit to help work out first the smallest/greatest number, and then look at the ones digit to help us if the tens digit is the same. Here is a game that you can play online to help practise ordering numbers!


We then looked at something quite tricky, which was counting in 2s. We started by counting in 2s using cubes. We learnt that when we count in twos, we skip a number. Here are some activities below which you can do at home to help practise counting in 2s!


Can you have a go at these tricky challenges to do with counting in 2s?



In our English work this week, we have been focusing on our poem "A Poem about Africa". We have been learning about certain vocabulary such as enormous, aged, wandering, rustling, and sneaking. We then looked at what rhyming words are and how we can use them in a poem. We talked about the fact that rhyming words don't have to have the same spelling at the end of the words, just the same sound. Here are some words below. See if you can come up with 4 rhyming words with an adult for each word. Bring them into school if you complete this!



We then innovated one stanza of our poem. We talked about some ideas as a class as to what we could change that stanza to become. We then wrote that sentence and found words to rhyme with the end word of that sentence! Have a go at thinking of another sentence to rhyme with this sentence below;


I can see animals when I am on a safari,




In our Topic work this week, we have been looking at the UK and Kenya and how they help each other. We looked at the things that Kenya gives to the UK, and the UK gives Kenya. We also talked about why the UK gives certain things to Kenya. Have a look at the list below and spot the items that Kenya gives to the UK, and that the UK gives to Kenya! The answers are below the picture!


Kenya -> UK = tea, fruits, coffee beans, flowers, beans, leafy vegetables.

UK -> Kenya = paper, tractors, medicine, electrical equipment, petrol, cars.


We also then looked at our local area and how different our village is from one in Kenya. We identified human features of Repton and stuck pictures next to a map. Can you go for a walk around Repton and see what different buildings and locations you can see?


We have had a lovely week. One more week till Easter, yay! Have a good weekend everyone! 


Mr Armishaw and the Year 1 Team