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W.C. 28.6.21

We have had a lovely week this week in our learning. We have worked incredibly hard and we only have 4 more weeks until the end of the half term!



In our Maths learning this week, we have continued our work on fractions. This week, we have learnt about quarters. We learnt that we can quarter a shape by halving it and halving it again, although we do have to be careful with how we half a shape, as there should be 4 equal parts. We then thought about how we could quarter amounts. We learnt that we can share a number of objects into 4 groups. I have two challenges below about quarters. Can you solve them? (Use sweets, counters, lego to help you share the objects between 4 groups!)


A quarter of 20 is _____.

A quarter of 12 is _____.

A quarter of 40 is _____.
A quarter of 32 is _____. 



In our English learning this week, we have continued our work on rhyming poetry. We have moved away from the lovely poem of the Nut Tree, and now we have come up with our own rhyming poem as a class! We called it the Hedgehog poem! We came up with the first lines of each stanza, and then thought of rhyming words that rhymed with the end of each line. We then came up with our own rhyming couplets about a Hedgehog. Here is one that we did below! Can you come up with your own rhyming sentences using the first lines of our poem, and the rhyming words?

Our First Lines of our Hedgehog Poem                           Our Rhyming Words




This week, we finished off our learning on the Senses and the Human Body. Miss Morris taught a lesson where we had to become mini scientists and write a report on one of the senses experiments that we did. 


Then the next lesson, we worked in pairs to label all the body parts of a human. The challenge was to see how many external body parts we could label in 5 minutes! We had a lot of fun finding out the names of new body parts.


Can you see if you can draw a human and label these body parts below?


Fun Day

Unfortunately, we did not get to go on our trip to the Mitre Field. However, we made the most of the day by having our own picnic on the school field! Not only that, but we also played lots and lots of games. We did;

  • Parachute games
  • Cricket/Rounders
  • Sports Day Games
  • Story time with Ice lollies!


We had such a great day, and the weather held out for it. The children behaved beautifully and I was so impressed with their attitude to the day. So much so, that this week I have awarded a leaf to all of the Hedgehogs! Well done everyone for making it a lovely day!


Celebration Assembly

This week, I awarded a PRIDE certificate, and a WRISTBAND. I also awarded a CLASS leaf because I could not choose this week. The Hedgehogs have worked so hard and their behaviour during our fun day was incredible. Well done this week!


Super week Hedgehogs, have a lovely weekend!


Mr Armishaw