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W/c 28th November 2022

Puffins have had another very busy week, involving concerts, alliteration and selling Roman houses.


In Maths this week we began to look in more detail at some different times tables.  These included both the 3 and 4 times table.  We looked at multiplying in the 3 times table and dividing with this times table.  The children worked really hard in these lessons and some brilliant reasoning and problem solving was done too.  Can you explain this true or false question to your grown up?

In English we carried on with our alliteration poetry.  We have learnt about onomatopoeia, rhyming and how to create our own alliteration phrases.  We are now going to begin innovating a poem ready for us to write our own alliteration poem over the coming weeks. Some brilliant descriptions of animals and their characteristics were created, well done Puffins. 


Our Topic this week involved us learning about Roman homes. We learnt that Rich and poor people lived in different types of homes depending on if they lived in the city or in the countryside.  We thought about what type of Roman home we would like to live in.  Can you remember what the types of houses are called and what their characteristics are?  Share with your adult what type of Roman home you would like to live in. 

Our week culminated in an incredible singing concert.  We were so proud of all of the work the Year 3’s have put into their singing through this term.  They have worked so hard, really tried and I think that was very clear with how incredibly they performed.  Well done Puffins, you should be very proud of yourself. 

The children looked brilliant in their festive clothes on Friday, thank you for the donations to our hampers. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend,


Stay safe

Mrs Karamucki