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W/c 28th September 2020

What a good week the Puffins have had.


Within English we have finished our Creative Writing topic linked to “Lights on Cotton Rock”.  The children have all created wonderful passages connected to the pictures in the book that have no text.  They have thought very carefully about the figurative language they can use as well as similes and metaphors they can include to add detail for the reader. 


In Maths we have been focusing on negative numbers and answering word problems involving them.  Next week we will be moving on to our next unti which is Addition and Subtraction. 


Within our Topic lesson we have carried on learning about the Space Race.  This week we have begun to design our own rockets thinking about what would make them efficient to fly and be successful at going into Space. 

In PSHE we have begun exploring the different emotions that we feel and how experiencing these different emotions can change our behaviour. 


Our Spellings this week are:

Year 4: Prefix ‘sub’ – submarine, subject, subway, submerge, subtropical, subdivide, subheading, substandard, subtitle, submit.


Year 5: Words ending in ‘cial’ and ‘tial’ – potential, essential, substantial, influential, residential, confidential, celestial, preferential, torrential, circumstantial.


Stay safe and have a lovely weekend!


The Puffins Team