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W.C 29.11.21

We have had quite a busy week in the Hedgehogs class this week. We have done plenty of rehearsal practises ready for our KS1 Nativity and we cannot wait to show the parents and carers next week!  We have also done lots of new learning. Read below to see what things we have done this week!



In our Maths learning, we have been learning about how to find the difference by comparing two amounts and seeing how many is left on the largest object. We used cubes to build towers to see what the difference was. Can you find the difference by playing the game below? then scroll down to Year 2 and click on 'Subtract to Compare'

On Thursday, we also did addition and subtraction number sentences at the same time, and we compared them using our crocodiles! Can you compare these number sentence below by solving each side of the equation first, and then using the correct crocodile symbol to compare? Remember the crocodile faces the biggest number.


5 + 3       [         ]          2 + 4

8 + 1       [          ]          5 + 5

6 - 4       [          ]          8 - 7

2 + 3       [          ]          7  - 1



In our English learning, we innovated our set of instructions. We changed the instructions to be from building a pyramid, to how to mummify a pharaoh! We came up with ideas and steps to mummifying a pharaoh and then on Thursday we wrote some fantastic sentences to describe the steps. Can you think of sentences for these instructions on how to mummify a pharaoh? Use the word mat to help you!




In our Topic learning, we have been continuing our learning on Ancient Egyptian homes. We have been looking at poor Egyptian homes and the nobles' Egyptian homes and we have been looking at why it wasn't fair that the nobles had a lot more in their homes. We then had an exciting lesson on Tuesday where we created models of a nobles homes by using clay! We worked in groups and used carving tools to shape the clay. Can you tell a grown up any features of an Egyptian home by looking at the pictures below?

Celebration Assembly

This week, I awarded a PRIDE certificate and two leaves! Well done to all those who got an award this week!


Our Christmas production is just round the corner, and with the current COVID-19 situation we just want everyone to be safe and well. If your child has symptoms, please get them tested with an LFT. We will also be asking parents, carers and guardians to LFT themselves before they visit the Repton 400 Hall on the Tuesday and Wednesday performances. This is a precaution to protect yourselves, other adults and other children. 


Have a lovely weekend, we may even get snow!


Mr Armishaw and the Year 1 Team.