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W/C 29.11.21

A super week! Well done, Owls. We have had a little Christmas visitor this week too... take a look at our pictures below. 


In maths, we have started our new unit of work: Money. This week, we have just been familiarising ourselves with pence and pounds. We have had a look at adding pence together and adding pounds together. Can you show someone at home what sign we do for 'pence'? What is the symbol for 'pounds'? Show someone at home what you know already by solving these addition calculations: 


2p + 5p + 10p +10p


£1 + £5 + £2 + £10


In English, we have been learning our new model text, a non-chronological report about Queen Victoria. Can you tell someone at home what a non-chronological report is? Use the story map below to tell someone at home all about Queen Victoria: 

We have also been learning about conjunctions. We have been using subordinating conjunctions, 'because', 'when' and 'if', and also the coordinating conjunction 'but'. Take a look at the definitions below. Can you complete the sentences using a conjunction?


I put my shoes on ______________ I wanted to play outside. 

I can have my cake _____ I eat all of my vegetables. 

I will have my present _________ it is my birthday. 

I want some sweets ___________ it is nearly dinner time. 




In topic, we have been learning all about a Victorian artist called William Morris. Can you tell someone at home who he is? What designs did he create? We had a go at designing and printing our own William Morris inspired artwork. Can you tell someone how you did it? Take a look at our pictures below!  

Eddie the Elf