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W/c 2nd November 2020

Welcome back to another exciting half term Puffins.  We hope you had a lovely relaxing holiday and are now ready to get back to school and lots of fun and learning. 


This week in English we started our brand new unit of Non-chronological reports.  By the end of this unit the children will have learnt about all of the features of a non-chronological report, as well as doing lots of research so they can create their own.  We are also going to particularly focus on editing and improving our work. 


Within Maths Year 4 have begun a new unit focusing on measurements, and in particular length and perimeter.  This week we have focused on recapping equivalent lengths and km. 

Year 5 have completed their Statistics unit of work, they have learnt about timetables and how to interpret them as well as recapping using line graphs to solve problems. 


We have also created some beautiful firework art this week using chalks and blending.  


We had a very exciting opportunity on Friday to have a live chat with an author!  Tom Parker has written a huge variety of fiction books about amongst other things: Football, Rugby League and Union and the First and Second World War.  He told us all about how he started writing books and about what inspires him now.  We even got a sneak peek into the book that he is currently writing.  Thank you very much to the Repton Literary Festival for organising this brilliant opportunity for us. Tom was very inspiring, maybe we will even see some books written by Puffins in years to come!


The Spellings this week are:

Year 4: Suffix ‘ation’ added to verbs – adoration, admiration, coronation, detonation, observation, location, generation, exploration, combination, illustration

Year 5: Words ending in ‘-ance’ – abundance, brilliance, elegance, extravagance, tolerance, hesitancy, relevancy, vacancy, dominancy, abundancy.


We hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Stay safe


The Puffins Team