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W.C 30.11.20

Two weeks until the Christmas holidays! Things are beginning to look and feel very festive in the Owls Class! 


In maths, we have been finding the difference between two amounts (such as 22p and 51p) and finding the change from an amount! We have learnt two methods to help us with our working out: the column subtraction method and the friendly number line method. Can you show someone at home how to work out this problem using your column subtraction method and your friendly number line method?


Rosie has 78p. She bought an apple for 25p. How much change will Rosie get?



   25p      30p      40p       50p      60p      70p      78p     


   7 8

2 5   



We will be revisiting this again next week! 


In English, we have been busy innovating our model text: How to Catch a Star! We decided to change the thing that we wanted to catch. We used our imagination to decide what else we could catch in the sky. Some of us thought about catching a cloud or a rainbow! Others thought about catching a lightning bolt or the moon! Can you tell someone at home what you decided to catch? What items to did you need to catch it?


In topic, we have been exploring the 7 continents and 5 oceans! Can you name them all? We created our own globes and placed the continents on them using our knowledge. We were able to see how close some continents were to one another and also how big and how small some continents are! Can you tell someone at home which continent we live in? Find our pictures below of our fantastic globes! 


We have had a little Christmas visitor this week, Eddie the Elf! Find attached the letter we received from the North Pole! 


Have a lovely weekend! 


Miss McKenna x



Our topic work!

Eddie the Elf!