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W/c 30th January 2023

Another very busy week in the Puffins class, it has involved diary entries, measuring and a weather report.  Read on to find out more…


In English we have begun our new unit of Diary Entries.  To help us delve even more into our Geography topic of Sweden, we read a diary entry written by Greta Thunberg.  We looked at her diary entry, symbol mapped it and also acted it out so that we could fully immerse ourselves in the text. 

Have a look at our super symbol maps and actions here.



In our SPAG lessons this week we have looked at using apostrophes for contractions and also paragraphs.  A very good week of super work in English Puffins. 


In Maths we have begun looking at our next unit of work ‘Length and Measurement’.  This week we have looked at making sure we are using the most appropriate unit of measurement, how mm convert to cm’s and measuring using a ruler.  See if you can explain this True or False question to your grown up.  Tip!  How many mm are in one cm?

This week in Topic we have thought about the climate of Sweden and how it is different to ours.  We looked at their weather conditions and thought about what it must be like to live there. 


The children have hugely impressed me this week with their understanding of inference and deduction in our Guided Reading lessons.  We focused on Chapter 5 of ‘The Sheep Pig’ by Dick King Smith this week.  The children picked apart this chapter brilliantly, thinking about why the reader might be surprised at what Babe did, how the friendship he has built up with the old sheep helped him and how his amazing actions completely changed Mrs Hoggett’s opinion of him.  We have some brilliant reading detectives in Puffins. 


Thank you for all of your continued support this week, it has meant a lot.  If you are yet to complete our Residential questionnaire could you please do this as soon as possible, thank you.


I hope you have a lovely restful weekend.


Stay safe


Mrs Karamucki